General Rules

  1. Listen and respect staff members as they have the judgment to make calls, corrections, punish, kick, and ban players that are breaking the rules
  2. No cheating/exploiting (ESP, Aimbot, Scripting, Moonwalking, Macroing, Glitching, Duping, Inspector)
  3. No hate speech/threats/harassment /racism/sexism/homophobia etc
  4. Alt accounts are not allowed by players
  5. No combat logging (Players must wait 10 minutes after shooting a player or being shot at, to log out)
  6. Stream sniping is strictly forbidden
  7. No loot cycling
  8. No logging off in keycard rooms

Safezone & Vehicle Rules

  1. Do not steal vehicles or vehicle parts in safezone
  2. No blocking people inside traders
  3. No mic-spamming
  4. Group are only allowed 3 vehicles of their choice at a time
  5. All vehicles must be accessible at all times via ground access

Group Rules

  1. 5 Man Max w/ Rotations
  2. Insiding is not allowed • No allying/teaming


  1. Raiding/Softsiding is allowed 24/7
  2. No glitch raiding of any kind
  3. No logging off in enemy bases (If you log in and a base is built around you you must F11)
  4. No taking over bases
  5. No taking storage
  6. No despawning items inside bases
  7. No dismantling for materials
  8. Must record all raids including softside raids

Building Rules

  1. If you can place your flag down its fair game to build
  2. Groups are allowed only one base at a time
  3. Bases should be raidable at all times, and raidable by a single person
  4. No sky bases
  5. Hallways MUST be wide enough to fit 2 players side by side
  6. Doors must be spaced out half a wall apart
  7. Max base size is 4x4x4 including foundations
  8. Bases are allowed 15 code locked doors
  9. No peeks/windows facing airdrops or KOTHs
  10. Raiders must be able to defend themselves at all times
  11. Base building cannot force into any animations such as jumping, crouching, vaulting, prone, falling, and raising guns
  12. Tight-ropes/catwalks are not allowed
  13. No trapping players in rooms they cannot escape from
  14. Nades falling/glitching through a wall/floor is not allowed
  15. No building/rebuilding blown doors until 30 minutes after the last door or wall has been destroyed, and the base is clear of raiders